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Community Cause

Supporting Local Families through a Medical Crisis

Every year, more than 50,000 families in Virginia face life-changing or life-threatening situations due to disabilities, devastating illnesses, or dangerous diseases like cancer. We know better than most how easy it is to be caught off guard by a serious medical condition, and we are announcing a campaign to help provide support to families in the Chesterfield County area who are struggling through these challenges.

Ambassadors for Hope and Relief

Benson Insurance & Financial Services is a Regional Ambassador for the national #AgentsofChange movement, and our commitment is to help provide relief and hope to families in central Virginia battling major diseases, injuries, and disabilities. We will be assisting a series of local initiatives and programs that provide financial and material assistance to these families, and we will be working to improve the availability of medical assistance to families facing financial difficulties.

There are many families in our area that need assistance, and we are asking you and other members of our community to be part of our team.

How You Can Help

We aren’t asking for a donation, but we are asking you to refer your friends, neighbors, loved ones, and co-workers into Benson Insurance & Financial so we can discuss this important issue with them. We will also provide them with a complimentary insurance appraisal, and then we will recognize your assistance by offering a donation IN YOUR NAME to a local program that supports families facing a medical crisis.

Helping Those in Need

Thousands of our fellow community members are desperately in need of assistance, and we can’t find them all without your help. Please join us, and let’s make lives better for all of these families!


Lee Benson

Benson Insurance & Financial Services

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