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Renters Insurance

Good Renters Insurance, Customer Friendly Coverage


Though you may not own the home in which you currently live, having your valuable personal belongings properly protected might still be an top priority; this, and more, can be accomplished via the purchase of renter’s insurance. Renters insurance is engineered to financially protect those who rent their living space, so as to guarantee that they will have some level of compensation should they ever face damage, destruction or theft of property.

How it Works

Renters insurance covers you for a wide variety of losses, normally caused by certain perils and other loss-causing events. For example, if one’s personal property is lost or damaged in a severe storm, by a fire or by some cases of water damage, or due to theft, misplacement, or vandalism, then a good renters insurance policy can provide substantial compensation for any losses. Even if items are stolen out of one’s motor vehicle, a renters policy can cover that loss as well.

What is Covered

Wardrobe, appliances, furniture, electronic items and a myriad of other valuables are all protected under a renters insurance plan. One may obtain various levels of coverage depending on the stated value of one’s possessions and how much is desired in possible compensation. Of course, the greater the protections, the higher one’s premiums will be. Note that opting for a higher deductible, (the amount you must first pay prior to the insurance provider kicking in with compensation), the lower the premiums may be.
Being a renter, it makes sense to also want to carry coverage in case a loss renders you homeless for a period of time. What is known as “loss of use” coverage is part of most renters plans. This coverage gives you financial protection to help with additional costs when you are forced to live outside of your rental home.
Liability coverage is also very important for most renters. For instance, if you own a dog, you will want to be protected from litigation should your dog somehow injure another person. Renters policies also can provide liability coverage for the case in which a visitor is injured in your rental home and then sues.
Renters policies also offer optional protections above and beyond the standard coverage. If you are the owner of some very expensive jewelry, a coin collection or artwork, you can purchase supplemental coverage to protect you should there be loss or theft.

Big Benefits

As is obvious, there is a number of invaluable benefits to carrying renters insurance. It gives you the peace of mind in knowing that you are properly protected should an unfortunate event or accident somehow cause you problems.